Identity Authentication, VERIFICATIONS & Background Checks

Integrate trust and safety into any web, iOS or Android experience. 

Mission™ is an identity authentication, attribute verification and background check software systems integrator that provides a singular open API and mobile SDK to easily and economically screen consumers.

•  Peer-to-peer exchanges, two-sided marketplaces, online communities and more can instantly vet their users to add trust and safety to any experience.

• Employers, lenders, landlords, financial institutions and more can perform low-cost AML, KYC, FCRA, DPPA, EEOC and FHA compliant checks through channel partnerships with leading CRAs and data furnishers.

•™ limits the liability and risk exposure of customers unnecessarily storing sensitive, personally identifying information when performing verifications and checks themselves. Customers can use a policy engine to determine pass/fail requirements instead.  

• A unified, all-in-one solution saves time to market, R&D and the cost of integrating, managing and maintaining multiple software systems and accounts with cumulative setup fees, platform fees and minimum monthly commitments.

• The combined purchasing power of all our customers, channel partner pricing and a direct line of contact to upper management results in lower transactional costs and a higher level of support than our customers would get if they went direct to our partners instead. 



  • 58% of hiring managers have caught lies on job applications. False places, dates and titles of employment, schools attended and degrees achieved are just some of the lies commonly told by job applicants. These individuals not only waste your time, they waste their own time hoping that a hirer won’t discover their mistruths.

    Our product allows would-be job applicants to self-certify their employment and education history when marketing themselves online. This will dramatically increase the level of confidence potential hirers have in who they find on hiring platforms and job marketplaces. can enable consumers to verify their own information and prove themselves to others wherever they like.

  • Only 44% of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) landlords conduct sex offender checks and only 51% of DIY landlords conduct criminal background checks because until now, it has been too cost prohibitive. can check for criminal history, bankruptcies, liens, judgements and foreclosures before pulling a credit report.

    Our product let's landlords, management companies and housing platforms offer would-be renters an easy way to quickly authenticate themselves and complete preliminary verifications to prequalify as would-be renter. Potential landlords can schedule showings and lease property to self-screened prospective tenants without the heavy cost of a credit check while increasing the level of safety, security and social responsibility in their communities.

  • 54% of online daters report meeting someone in person who seriously misrepresented themselves online first. According to the FBI, romance scams and confidence fraud are the second largest source of cybercrime in the US. Most dating apps rely on Facebook as its sole authenticator, but according to Facebook's own estimates more than 10% of their 2 billion users (200 million accounts) are fake. offers a common sense solution to online dating and social deception. By requiring users to privately and anonymously prove their photos, age and identity, and proactively denying verifications or access to sex offenders and other criminals, dating sites and social networks can provide a greater sense of trust in the connections their users make online.

  • Non-payment or non-delivery of goods or services is the third largest source of cybercrime in the US based on reports made to the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center. Many independent contractors or service providers have checkered pasts that may make you think twice about using them. gives businesses and consumers trust and confidence in who they do business with online. Two sided marketplaces of all kinds can offer low-cost self-verifications of individual sellers and service providers to enhance their trustworthiness and confidence in buying and selling online.

  • To address the growing problem of discount abuse, can be used to verify individuals belong to the groups that they say they do. Merchants will often offer discounts to corporate employees, students, alumni, active duty military and their families, veterans, teachers, first responders, etc., and fraudsters will do whatever they can to claim a discount that they are not entitled to.

    With direct connections to the most authoritative databases available, can instantly verify a person deserves the discount they are claiming. By requiring a person to prove their identity before providing a discount, merchants can eliminate discount fraud and abuse for good.


  $1.25 $2.50 $5 VARIES
Email Verification X X X X
SMS Verification X X X X

Social Media SSO


Photo Verification

Knowledge Based Authentication * X X X X
Photo ID Validation * X X X X
Sex Offender
List **
  X X X
National Criminal Database ***   X X X
Derogatory Public Financial Records ****     X X
State Criminal Records †       X
County Criminal Records †       X
Federal Criminal Records †       X
Personal and Professional References †       X
Insurance †       X
Motor Vehicle Reports †       X
Credit Score, Summary and Report †       X
Evictions †       X
Previous Employment †       X
Current Employment †       X
College Enrollment Status †       X
Highest Degree Achieved †       X
Professional Licenses †       X



Income Verification


Bank Account Verification


Asset Verification

Global Watch Lists       X
Driver's Licenses       X
Military Status       X
K-12 Teachers and College Faculty       X
International Academics       X
First Responders       X


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disclaimer™ is not a consumer reporting agency and its service does not constitute "consumer reporting" as such term is defined in the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), 15 U.S.C.A. sec 1681 et seq. Without an adjoining agreement with an integrated consumer reporting agency partner and proper consumer disclosure, consent and authorization, the data provided from this service may not be used as a factor in establishing a consumer's eligibility for credit, insurance, employment or for any other purpose in the FCRA, and you agree not to use this service for such a purpose or to take adverse action regarding any consumer application based on this service. 


* Individuals prove their age and identity in real-time with a secure, interactive knowledge-based authentication quiz or a scan of over 6,000 government issued IDs worldwide.

** Search a multi-state sex offender registry that includes hundreds of thousands of offender records nationwide.

*** Search criminal records databases from all 50 US states, including digitized records from Department of Corrections, Administrative Office of the Courts and county court records. Database coverage varies by state. Certain use cases may require a relying party or end user agreement with an integrated consumer reporting agency partner.

**** Includes a public records search for bankruptcies, liens, judgements and foreclosures. Certain use cases may require a relying party or end user agreement with an integrated consumer reporting agency partner. 

† Available through an integrated consumer reporting agency partner requiring a relying party or end user agreement with an integrated consumer reporting agency partner.